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Energy Conservation with Daylighting

Economic use of energy is the need of the hour since fossil fuels are fast disappearing from the Earth. Did you know that you can cut energy bills by 20% if you choose to switch over from artificial lighting in your home or office and make use of daylighting? The concept of allowing natural sunlight into a room decreases your dependency on electricity and other energy sources. Daylighting is an innovative design strategy which utilizes available natural light in an efficient manner in a home or office environment. When designing a new building, daylighting is one possible way of producing lighting to carry on tasks in the workplace or at home. It helps in taking on a green approach to energy conservation by minimizing the amount expended for working spaces which require lighting. This ground-breaking method to add sunlight into your home or office environment is offered by Sunlight Concepts.

Innovation in Natural Lighting - Sunlight Concepts

One of the most technologically advanced products that have made its way into residential and commercial spaces across the United States and Canada is Solatube Daylighting Systems. The company capitalizes the growing demand of green products by selling something homeowners and businesses love to own. People who are surrounded by natural daylight are known to be more healthy and productive in whatever they do. With breakthrough technology, design and materials, Sunlight Concepts' daylighting systems is known to produce pure, clear natural light for any interior space, be it the living room, kitchen, closets, bathrooms or even a private or commercial workplace. A high tech natural sunlight capture device is placed on the roof of the building. This advanced Raybender 3000 technology allows the maximum amount of light to be captured even as the angle of the sun's rays changes throughout the day. You can choose elegant fittings that blend well with the d├ęcor of any room and which will in turn carry natural light to all parts of your interior spaces with the choice of a regulator to control the amount of natural light you require. The company's daylighting systems are recognized for its ability to help design professionals achieve their LEED and ENERGY STAR accreditation goals. Adding natural daylight to every project has become critical to the success of many of the world's greatest sustainable design achievements. What's more, you can qualify for a 10% Tax Credit on our daylighting solutions.

Visit www.sunlightconcepts.com and www.saveonpge.net to learn more about commercial and residential daylighting systems and how they can change the way you live in the most elegant, economic and environmentally friendly manner.

The Advantages of Daylighting

As most of us know, creating the right atmosphere for residential and commercial interior spaces is of utmost importance for increasing productivity. People have a natural attraction and need for natural light. The warmth it exudes can be comforting as well as satisfying. Studies have proved that daylighting has a direct impact on physical and mental well-being for everyone involved. Those who are surrounded by natural light are known to progress faster and better with whatever they do. For example, patients in hospitals recover faster and require less medication, students are more alert and attentive during classes, retail stores sales have improved tremendously and a positive atmosphere without negative interaction is experienced in homes and workplaces which are exposed to natural light.

Apart from energy conversation and reducing monthly bills, daylighting has proven time and again that it can create a visually stimulating atmosphere pleasing to the mind and body. Call Sunlight Concepts today at (408) 844-0081 to find out how you can make use of natural light in your home or office. You can do your bit in preserving our environment and reducing your energy consumption all at once. Sunlight Concepts main office and showroom is located at 1130 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara CA 95050 and the company serves Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and San Mateo counties.

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