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Access To Sunlight Like Never Before

Would you like to see natural daylight as never before in your home or office? Daylight is of course free, but not many make use of natural sunlight to light up their indoor spaces. Many people are still unclear about the advantages of a daylighting system compared to electric lighting. The advantages of a daylighting system scores much higher than electric fixtures as it illuminates dark rooms with optimum performance, efficiency and lowers your energy bills tremendously. Apart from that, installation just takes about 2 hours at the most giving you access to sunlight like never before. The Federal Government will also knock off 10% on your taxes. So you can enjoy the benefits of healthy, natural light and get your money back. Does it sound too good to be true? It is fortunately not! Sunlight Concepts offers Solatube Daylighting Systems that has brightened a million homes in the Santa Clara region of California.

$35-$50 Design Voucher*
To use towards a new Glass Distractions Decorative Fixture or accessory
when you install a Solatube Daylighting System!

* Voucher amount may vary.
Offers cannot be combined. Call for details. Exp 12/31/11.

Glass Distractions - A Revolutionary Product By Solatube

Sunlight Concepts has now launched a hi-tech daylighting solution called Glass Distractions from Solatube. There is a special offer of $35-$50 for a design voucher if orders are placed before the 31st of December 2011. This new glass decorative fixture comes with your installed Solatube Daylighting System at attractive designs and colors like TierDrop, JustFrost, VividShade, QuadraFrost, OptiView and AuroraGlo.

Brighten your home with style; give the gift of glass by calling (408) 844-0081. You can also visit the showroom at 1130 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara CA 95050 and receive an additional $25 savings.

Breakthrough Daylighting Technology At Affordable Prices

There are numerous daylighting devices on the market but none can compare to the Solatube Daylighting System. With its breakthrough technology, Solatube offers you its performance guarantee to deliver more average daylight than any other equivalent device that you can buy. This offer is available till December 31, 2011 and is restricted to Solatube's 160 DS and 290 DS. Solatube offers to give you your money back if you are not satisfied with the product. No other manufacturer is able to match this offer because they are not able to match the standards of illumination transmission that Solatube has set for itself.

Sunlight Concepts is the premier dealer for Solatube Daylighting Systems in the California region. This revolutionary product can alter the amount of sunlight you need in an indoor space without the worry of UV damage or excess heat that could impact your Air Conditioning bills. You also get the satisfaction of getting numerous health benefits which you never could, from artificial lighting. Another important fact is that you can control the amount of light you need in a room and at any given angle, with the convenience of a switch. All this lighting energy comes to you at no extra operating cost. If you would like to know more about the daylighting experts, visit their site www.sunlightconcepts.com.

Call them at (408) 844-0081 for a consultation. Hurry and get your daylighting system installed before the 31st of December 2011 and get a 10% Federal Tax Credit.
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Hurry! 10% Federal Tax Credits are ending December 31st
It's your last chance to take advantage of 10% Federal Tax Credits on qualifying Solatube Daylighting Systems.
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