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Daylighting For Homes - An Eco-Friendly Initiative

Ask homeowners in the San Jose region, California about Daylighting and almost all of them would have heard about it or would have had them installed in their own homes. In urban design, the concept of allowing natural sunlight indoors has caught on among homeowners as there are many benefits involved. By reducing the need for electric lighting, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars in energy cost every month. An innovative approach to daylighting starting with the locality and orientation of a home involves the complete building design and continuing with proper room allocation, window sizing and placement, and selection of room design and finishes. In addition to reducing the need for artificial lighting, Daylighting offers less tangible health and productivity benefits. Studies have shown that high quality natural light, reduces depression elevates moods, and improves worker productivity and student performance.

Natural Light Transfer Redefined

Daylighting requires a balance between under and over-lighting a space. Too little daylight filtering in will cause occupants to make use of electricity and switch on the electric lights, but too many skylights or windows can increase heating and cooling loads. Solatubes, a ground-breaking skylighting system supplied by Sunlight Concepts is arguably the most efficient of products used for natural daylight transfer. Their efficiency commences right from the optical dome which absorbs sunlight for transfer into residential spaces. The dome, using Raybender technology is specially designed through a collection of lenses, for maximum absorption of daylight when the sun is at an appropriate angle, or when direct sunlight is hidden by an overcast sky or cloud cover. When the sun is at its peak, the dome filters the light to absorb just the right amount needed for optimal visual comfort indoors.

Visit www.sunlightconcepts.com and www.saveonpge.net to learn more about commercial and residential daylighting systems and how they can change the way you live in the most elegant, economic and environmentally friendly manner.

Solatube Daylighting For Residential Spaces

Sunlight Concepts' primary objective is to provide an amazing performance far above its competitors; by achieving goals without losing sight of appearance or client's requirement. All of their products have an element of a designer touch which not only makes them technically superior but also far more elegant to look at, adding to the appeal of the location where they are installed.

Sunlight Concepts is your residential daylighting expert in the Bay Area. This company offers the whole range of Solatube's Daylighting solutions which bring natural sunlight into places that are inaccessible or dimly lit because of their location. In such instances, artificial light for illumination is the only solution, 24x7. Contact them at 408.844.0081 for a free daylighting assessment. Check out their October Bundle Offer - Save up to $275! For more detailed information on the offer visit www.sunlightconcepts.com.
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