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When it comes to a home's design elements, lighting is considered to be the only component given the most importance or something that is easily overlooked. Even a spacious or fabulous looking room cannot be great if it is dimly lit. However the same holds true the other way round. A small or average looking room can look phenomenal if there is lighting in all the proper areas. The key lies in lighting the room based on the ambience and task.

The most efficient of products used for lighting and daylight transfer are the ones from Solatube supplied by Sunlight Concepts. Natural Sunlight is absorbed and transferred indoors efficiently through the means of an optical dome. This dome is made up of collection lenses which absorbs and delivers consistent daylight by using the Raybender technology even when the sky is overcast or when the sun is at an angle. The LightTracker Reflector redirects low angle winter sunlight by increasing light input for increased light output indoors. The absorbed light is then transferred through the Spectralight Infinity Tubing which is designed to carry natural light with minimal transmission losses to the point of destination. Daylight is then delivered through decorative fixtures that brings beauty of glass to your interiors and offers choices to warm or soften the light. Solatube products also offer advanced features for all their daylighting systems like dimming controls and superior color rendition. For fast and easy installation, Solatube flashings are available for nearly all roof types and pitches. The flashings provide complete protection and create an attractive appearance on the roof.

The Solatube 160 DS and 290 DS Daylighting Systems sets the bar high when it comes to performance standards with other copycat products. They are great for Bathrooms, Hallways, Kitchens, Great Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Home Offices, Dining Rooms and Closets. Its efficiency commences right from the optical dome which absorbs light for transfer. The light energy is always at the right amount which makes for optimal visual comfort for everyone indoors.

Call Sunlight Concepts at 1-855-320-0002 to know about their special offers. You can also visit their website at www.sunlightconcepts.com to check out their range of products.
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Stop living in the dark, make use of light energy and impress anyone who enters your home during this holiday season with natural daylighting! Turn any dark room into beautiful showcase of sunlight, visit www.sunlightconcepts.com to know more or call 408-844-0081 to speak to a residential daylighting expert. You can expect the highest level of service from our Certified Installation Consultants. All products will be professionally installed in about 2 hours!

You can also save upto 30% in Federal Tax Credit on all your Solar Star purchases. You can consult a tax professional to know more about your eligibility requirements. Call this daylighting company at 1-855-320-0002 to start a brighter life today. You can also visit their website at www.sunlightconcepts.com for more information on their Solatube range of products.

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