Bring The Great Outdoors, Indoors With Whole-House Fans

Get the best of both worlds with whole-house fans: you can get constant cool, natural air throughout your homes' indoors without having to face excessive energy bills that come with using traditional air conditioners. What makes
these whole-house fans absolutely reliable and efficient? The principle and operation behind the original design of this whole-house cooling system is aesthetically simple. Whole-house fans are cleverly installed in your home's roof or attic. By opening up a few windows, they set up a continuous circulation and exchange of fresh air from outside while expelling stale air from inside the home. The results are simply outstanding as indoor temperatures drop by a staggering 10ºF to 20ºF and your attic's temperature by up to 50ºF. Whole-house fans have a luxurious cooling effect inside the home and they also ventilate pollutants that accumulate through daily living.

The main advantage that whole-house fans have over A/C cooling fans is that there is always access to continual fresh air anytime during the day or night. A/C cooling fans are known to only recycle the same air that's already indoors. Unless you open all the windows and doors to let some fresh air in, chances are that you will be breathing the same old, stale air day in and day out. Another important advantage is that whole-house fans use only a fraction of the electricity as compared to air conditioners, saving up to 90% of your electricity bills. Air conditioners are one of the biggest consumers of energy for commercial and residential purposes. You can reduce your monthly expenditure and equate to a reduction in carbon footprints by installing whole-house fans.

Whole House Cooling With Sunlight Concepts
Sunlight Concepts introduces its ground-breaking and revolutionary product in whole-house cooling with its ‘Quiet Cool Whole-House Fan System'. By working silently, it moves large quantities of old, stale air and cools, ventilates and exhausts your whole home at the flip of a switch. Quiet Cool Whole-House Fans are extremely easy to install in your attic rafters away from your living areas to work without resonance and noise. It is the most versatile and innovative cooling and ventilating system available today. This wonderful system works by creating a draft to draw warm, used air and venting it out of your home. This air is replaced with fresh, cool air from
the outside. This system of operation scores over any other in the market
in its capacity to move large volumes of air, efficiency and above all, its silent operation. Another important feature is that it can be installed in any room of the house with attic access. This is a benefit which can never be seen before with traditional whole house fans that are usually mounted in a central location.

Sunlight Concepts are the pioneers in daylighting systems and offer many products that possess ground-breaking technological aspects designed for environmental benefits and reduction of energy bills. Their Solatube Daylighting Systems and Solar Star Attic Fans are installed for residential and commercial communities, thereby improving the quality of life while being driven by a renewable resource which is absolutely free.

Visit their corporate website www.sunlightconcepts.com to schedule an appointment with one of their daylighting experts or call 1-855-320-0002.
Protect Your Family And The Environment
Technology always comes with a price, however with the Quiet Cool Whole-House Fans, you can enjoy a cool environment that is beneficial to your health and lowers electricity bills with a much reduced environmental impact. Say goodbye to humidity, dust, nasty odors, mold and smoke that lingers inside your home. You can always enjoy natural, healthy, outside air with whole-house fans that will really bring the benefits of the great outdoors indoors!

You can call 1-855-320-0002 for an appointment or visit www.sunlightconcepts.com and www.saveonpge.net for more information on other services in daylighting systems.
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