What you should know about Tubular Daylighting Devices

People crave natural sunlight almost without any exception, as a beautiful day with bright sunshine is desired to a grey, gloomy one. For this reason, many homeowners install tubular daylighting devices in their homes, to increase the access that they have to daylight, even when they are indoors. Tubular daylighting devices help in increasing the natural lighting of a room, which in turn helps to lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprints. They allow natural sunlight to be filtered in through the rooftop via a highly reflective tube, which is then dispersed at the ceiling level. These devices capture ambient and direct light, providing excellent radiance and illumination, even during early morning or late afternoon hours and cloudy days when the sun is not at its brightest. To get in touch with a Solatube daylighting Specialist, contact Sunlight Concepts, a Bay Area Solatube premier dealer.

Solatube – A revolutionary product for natural light
Tubular daylighting devices otherwise called Solatubes are environmentally-friendly light enhancing products using a renewable resource - natural light - which is available in infinite abundance and at zero cost. Much like the working of a periscope in a submarine, that uses a series of mirrors and lenses to deliver an image from point A to point B, a home tubular daylighting device allows for the use of sunlight in an area that is not directly in the sun.

This technological innovation uses a specially designed domed lens, a tube with high reflective index and a decorative fixture to diffuse the light into the area where you want it. What's more, with the right selection of accessories you can control the amount of light you need, and the kind of light you want. What's even more unbelievable is that you can deflect the captured light to reach an area which is not directly below the domed lens collector and it costs absolutely nothing to operate.

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