Cool Indoors With Solar Star Attic Fans

In this present day and age, energy consumption has made a huge impact on our natural resources and environment. We do know that there is that extra bit we can do to cut down on greenhouse gases and save huge on energy bills month after month. Summer is here and most of us are experiencing the brunt of the sun's heat in our homes. You may have noticed that the upper rooms of your home are unusually hot with zero roof ventilation and attic insulation. To solve this problem, solar star attic fans is the simple and affordable way to begin enjoying energy savings attributing to the sun's solar energy for cooling your home efficiently. These can not only save you a lot of money by reducing your need for air conditioning, but will also prolong the life of your attic and roof by removing excessive moisture and heat buildup throughout the day and night.

Solar star attic fans have the ability to cool your home quickly compared to an air conditioner. By strategically placing them near windows throughout the house, warm air is circulated outdoors in exchange for cool air indoors and brings down the internal temperature. Attic fans are run on solar power instead of costly electricity from your local power plant, thereby saving a lot of energy in the process. Solar energy has become more affordable and technology has become more refined nowadays. So the possibilities are endless when it comes to using the sun's natural energy for powering household items. If you are tired of expensive energy bills and running your air conditioners all night, contact Sunlight Concepts to help cool your home the natural way.

The Right Solution For Any Attic Ventilation Situation
Sunlight Concepts are your local daylighting experts who have revolutionized the market in cooling and ventilating homes at an affordable rate. Gone are those energy sapping days and sleepless nights when your home was just too hot to live in! The company introduces the solar star range of products by Solatube which includes interior mounted attic fans that is a discreet choice to turn passive attic fans to active solar powered solutions for your homes. These solar star attic fans come with high powered long-lasting motors with low noise abatement system and a 5-wing, polymeric fan blade designed for increased airflow. Their light weight design reduces motor resistance and increases performance and reliability. The high-impact resistant solar panels provide protection from hail, wind and foreign object damage. Their "plug and play" technology installs easily in less than 30 minutes and costs nothing to operate.

During fall and winter, these solar star attic fans can improve ventilation and reduce moisture in the air of your attic. It protects anything you have stored up there as well as your insulation, which will be far more effective when the air is well ventilated and dry. Depending on your roof configuration, you will be able to find solar attic fans that will meet your requirements. It is an easy and valuable investment that will save you energy and money in the long run and also set a great example to others in your community.

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Sunlight Concepts is the Premier Solatube Dealer for the Santa Clara County in the Northern California Bay Area. They offer design consultation as well as professional installation for your home. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or just want more beautiful natural light, they can help. At Sunlight Concepts you will find a team of professionals ready to assist you with all of your daylighting needs. Their range of products in commercial skylights, residential skylights, and the Solatube Daylighting Systems meet all major building codes including the Energy Star rating.
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