Benefits of Natural Light

The benefits of natural light have been proven time and again that it can positively affect a person’s health, the environment in which he/she lives in and energy usage. People who subconsciously seek out places that are exposed to sunlight enjoy any activities related to spending time in daylight.

There are some important facts that lists out all the benefits associated with natural lighting and the impact it has on your environment, your energy usage and your well-being.

• Did you know that 47% of the energy consumed indoors is for temperature control and lighting? Sunlight produces energy savings that eliminates the use of artificial lighting and also allows people to use less heat for temperature control indoors, especially in colder months. Energy costs are also known to subsequently decrease by at least 75% in a home that uses natural light.

• People are more productive, healthier, happier and calmer when they are surrounded by natural light.

• Compared to artificial lighting, making use of natural daylight for daily tasks is an advantage as it prevents eye strain and helps people see better.

• Exposure to natural light can also prevent depression and mood swings in adults and children.

• An important mineral obtained from sunlight is Vitamin D. It has numerous benefits including asthma control, body weight maintenance, immune system regulation and proper functioning of the brain.

• Natural light reduces the amount of mold growth and mildew in your home keeping it a healthier environment for everyone. It is also a cleaner resolve for people in residential and commercial spaces and helps in preserving the environment indoors and outdoors.

• Natural light increases the aesthetics and functionality of a given indoor space. Architects and Interior designers use daylighting in décor items to make indoor areas appear larger, increase its beauty and illuminate an interior structure.

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Bring daylighting into your life and your home
It is really unfortunate that many homes do not receive as much natural light as needed to realize its benefits. The reason could vary as it depends on the way a house is built, the particular direction it faces, or if sunlight is obstructed by large trees and buildings. If you are one who would like to experience the benefits of natural lighting then there is an affordable way for you to increase the amount of natural light that enters your home’s indoor spaces.

Sunlight Concepts in the Santa Clara area of California are your home daylighting experts who have the solution with their unique Solatube Daylighting technology. The Solatube Daylighting System will capture and harness sunlight to physically draw in natural light into your home’s indoors and even hard to reach areas. These systems are easy to install, are low-maintenance and will suit any type of roof configuration. They practically cost nothing to operate because sunlight is a gift that belongs to every person on planet earth.

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