Introducing Smart LED Technology from Solatube

How would you like to receive a balanced amount of natural light anytime during the day and night? A 24-hour lighting system that utilizes solar energy will prove to be a boon for homeowners as it can save upto 94% in electric bills every month. Can it really be possible that such a system even exists? Solatube has recently introduced a lighting system that never runs out on natural light, saves money and even runs on autopilot for 24 hours a day! Taking the sun's energy and smart LED technology, Solatube is the right choice to light up indoor spaces for residences and commercial spaces. Featuring the all new groundbreaking SunSense Technology, this lighting system delivers wonderful natural light any time of day or night by combining energy efficient, radiant LEDs with bright and unlimited daylight. It's time to say goodbye to electric lighting systems and utilize the Solatube Smart LED system to brighten up the darkest areas indoors like hallways, bathrooms, closets, entryways, etc. in a smart and simple way.

• Entryways – It can be used as a security measure for detecting intruders at night with LED's that turns on automatically. It will make a good and lasting impression on guests with a colorful and brighter space while entering inside.

• Hallways – It can be used to light up prime areas and reclaim wall space for displaying decor items, family photos, color art, etc. It brightens the whole area thereby avoiding places where you are likely to stumble or trip, like the edges of carpets and rugs.

• Bathrooms – An occupancy sensor can be fitted and activated to ensure that the room lights up only when occupied to save on energy. Lighting is used to help the eyes focus on detailed tasks like reading medication bottles or even while applying makeup.

• Closets – It brightens the dark areas of your closet to help in resolving color issues while selecting apparel and an occupancy sensor can also be fitted and activated to light the area only when occupied.

Solatube's Smart LED system also uses only a minimal amount of electricity and provides zero cost daytime supply of sunlight. This system requires virtually no maintenance and eliminates the need for replacement bulbs. Its autopilot feature continually monitors daylight levels, automatically operates for hands-free lighting and also uses the optional Occupancy Sensor to provide maximum automation. And what's more, there is unlimited supply of sunlight which never runs and the energy efficient LEDs last for more than 20 years.

If you would like to light up your indoor spaces throughout the day and save on energy, then get Solatube's new Smart LED system today. To place an order, contact Sunlight Concepts, the premier dealer in Solatube daylighting products.

Call Sunlight Concepts at 1-855-DAY-LITE to know about their special offers. You can also visit their website at www.sunlightconcepts.com to check out their range of products.

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Sunlight Concepts offers only competitive pricing for their esteemed customers and also recognize that each application and installation of Solatube products is unique and based upon every different type of home structure. All their technicians are experienced and extremely professional when they undertake installation of any kind. They will also expert advice on light filtering options suitable to your home and environment. You can call 1-855-DAY-LITE for a free daylighting assessment or visit their corporate website at www.sunlightconcepts.com for more information on their range of daylighting products.

Brighten up your indoor spaces and your life with Solatube products from Sunlight Concepts. Decorate your ceiling with Solatube's Smart LED system and see the sun like never before!

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