Bringing in the Holiday Season the Eco-Friendly Way

The holiday season brings with it decked up halls, gift wrapped goodies and Christmas and New Year cheer. This holiday season why not make a few changes in how you spend it. This is the perfect time of the year to make environmentally friendly choices. The holiday season is all about giving and what better way to celebrate it than giving back to Mother Earth. Here are a few green ways that you can adopt this year.

• Reuse Christmas trees.
• Make your decorations out of bio degradable material
• Buy eco friendly gifts
• Wrap them in bio degradable material
• Use less electricity and more natural light to light up your beautiful home
• Send e cards thereby saving paper
• Take along bags when you go shopping, so that you reduce using plastic bags
• Use your thermostats to control the heaters in your home
• Switch off electrical lights when you leave a room
• Put off the lights on your decorations during the day
• Buy light decorations that run on reusable batteries

These are small steps but if many people take these small steps, they will make a difference. Let this season be one of giving and sharing and caring about the planet that supports us and looking after it for our future generations.

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