The Importance of Home Lighting

Home lighting is one of the most basic components used for interior decoration. However, not many homeowners are completely aware of its importance and significance. The type of lighting you choose for your indoors is very important for the color, furniture, theme and overall ambiance. Home lighting sets the tone for conveying warmth and comfort. It is a crucial aspect for décor and the general safety and welfare for the family. Placing lighting in strategic locations of your home does wonders for the ideal system to work and rest at ease. Home lighting is used for the following reasons:

• To create a happy, conducive environment through the use of natural sunlight, supplemented with electric lighting if necessary.

• To do household work conveniently and read and write more easily.

• To highlight art work, indoor plants, define shadows more sharply for an aesthetic effect.

• To ensure safety indoors for the family members by illuminating dark areas and also to facilitate easier movement and safer navigation.

There are many areas in your home that may be deprived of natural light, that leaves you no choice but to rely on artificial methods of lighting interior spaces. Although artificial lighting has been a mainstay in modern culture and an indispensable part of human life for well over a century, studies have proven and demonstrated that the presence of natural sunlight can impact one’s health, mood, satisfaction, behavior and productivity in a positive manner.

Some of the results obtained by a firm that specializes in the field of building energy efficiency have indicated that:

• During the year 2003, there was a study conducted on 100 call center workers at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District who had access to daylight through a view from a window. They were found to work and perform 10-25% and process calls 6-12% faster. They also showed better results on tests of memory recall, mental function and experienced very less illness and fatigue compared to workers who had no access to natural light.

• There was a study conducted on 73 retail locations in California. 24 of these were given a significant amount of daylight through skylight and were found to experience up to 40% increase in sales compared to stores with less or no daylighting.

• In California’s school districts, students in classrooms with access to the most daylighting achieved academic scores that were 7-18% higher than students with the least amount of daylight. Elementary school students who had access to daylight through large windows progressed 26% on reading tests and 20% faster on math tests over the course of a year than students with the least access.

• Daylighting has other enormous benefits to provide potential energy savings. Artificial lighting equipment can be turned off when sufficient amount of daylight is available. This way you can cut heating and cooling costs every year.

Indoor spaces that provide ample amounts of daylight and a pleasant view of the outdoor environment can dramatically affect the productivity, mental awareness, alertness and psychological well-being in people from all walks of life.

Take special effort to incorporate natural daylight into your lighting strategy to promote optimum health, greater happiness, productivity and energy efficiency.

Let the shine in and understand the real value of Daylighting.

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