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It has been established and proven beyond the fact a well-illuminated environment ensures more happiness, contentment and productivity in people from all walks of life. Natural light or daylight as it is popularly known is the absolute alternative for artificial lighting methods. The main advantage for using natural light is that it reduces the demand for energy in a world that is deplete of natural resources and fossil fuels. It broadens perspectives about day to day living on many counts by adding dimensions to the way things are perceived and utilized.

According to studies, buildings contribute to over 50% of energy consumption and carbon monoxide emissions in developing countries. The highest and most used consumer of energy is artificial lighting or electric lighting. Heating and cooling also add to major energy consumption apart from the production of artificial light. A primary design element that had made its way into residential and commercial spaces is the use of daylighting products which has achieved significant importance in energy conservation.

Solatube products use daylighting methods to effectively reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings by up to 75%. This groundbreaking technology not only eliminates the use of electricity for artificial lighting but also reduces the amount of heat generated by it in indoor spaces.

There are a few but important benefits associated with using natural lighting methods in commercial buildings and office spaces.

• Natural light in the workplace has helped people be more productive, alert and efficient with more profits and sales. Indoor locations that are illuminated with Solatube products appear more attractive and vibrant, which in turn creates a conducive environment for people to interact and do business in. It also gives everyone a sense of warmth and comfort when entering into that setting.

• High levels of concentration are needed for an office to run smoothly and daylighting does just that by impacting productivity in a positive way. It also provides security for places like factories so that workers can undertake any given task in a safe and impeccable manner.

• The medical field has also conducted studies where natural light contributes to good health. The healing process accelerates and patient recovery rates in hospitals are faster in the presence of daylight.

• In educational establishments, the presence of natural light has helped students perform exceedingly well as they are more attentive and alert in class.

The Solatube Daylighting System is comprised of three major components to deliver infinite amounts of daylight to any given indoor space. The first one is that it uses Raybender 3000 Technology to capture appropriate amounts of sunlight based on solar position by quality lenses. Sometimes traditional daylight harvesting has issues like too much heat from the sun or too little to light up the indoors. However through this Raybender 3000 technology, daylight is captured even at low intensity or rejects high intensity, delivering only the right amount for visual comfort. The second is the transfer of daylight is beyond pure and impeccable as it sunlight is directed in hard to reach areas like lower floors of building, interior offices and even corridors/hallways. With the Solatube Spectralight Infinity Tubing, that has a 99.7% visible reflectance, daylight is transferred with minimum absorption loss. The third is the mode of delivery and control where Solatube optimizes natural light for all the occupants so that it is never too little or too much. The cornerstone of modern and contemporary architectural design is effective daylighting. At present times, interior designers and architects don't have to sacrifice sunlight when designing buildings. You can control the amount of daylight that comes in with Solatube's Daylighting Systems which will provide dependability and the the right level of management that allows you to virtually turn the lights on or off.

To know more about Solatube products, visit http://sunlightconcepts.com or call 1-855-DAY-LITE to know about their special offers. Sunlight Concepts is the premier dealer for daylighting products and you can learn more about commercial and residential systems and solar powered attic fans and how they can change to way you live and work in the most economical, elegant and environmentally friendly manner.

2013 Residential DRTV Commercial-120

Solatube International, Inc. 2013 Residential DRTV Commercial-120 Solatube International, Inc. has launched the 2013 Residential DRTV campaign. Learn about the innovative technology in the Solatube Daylighting Systems as well as the benefits of having daylight in your home. Introduced for the first time on TV is the Solatube Smart LED system, the most energy efficient day and nighttime lighting solution ever!

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