What are Solar Star Attic Fans?

Research has proven that build up of heat and moisture is your attic's worst enemy. Summer is fast approaching and the sun has begun to beat down on your home's roof which is heating up the enclosed space in your attic. The attic is the most neglected part of a home especially when it plays a huge role in energy savings. The passive vent in your attic probably allows minimal circulation but does not provide enough pressure to force out hot indoor air. An important aspect of saving energy and maintaining the structure and comfort of your home is attic ventilation. If there is improper attic venting in your home, it can lead to build up of moisture which in turn can cause wood rotting and mold growth. Creating continuous air circulation throughout your attic space and preventing moisture from entering is the key to proper attic ventilation.

Everyone knows that during summer time, the temperature inside your attic space can get really hot. The sun's rays comes down from the surface of the roof and heats up the indoor air inside the attic. For almost all of the state, building codes require residential properties to have a passive vent system, but that does not provide enough circulation to force air out and let fresh air in. To solve this problem, a Solar Star attic fan does the job of pulling fresh air indoors from outside, force it to move through your attic and escape through the vent. It's an interesting fact to know that during summer months, a Solar Star attic fan can reduce attic temperature by up to 40°F.

A simple way to add a motorized venting system without structural changes or the use of electricity and wiring is through installation of a Solar Star attic fan. Sunlight Concepts is the premier dealer of Solar Star Attic Fans which is the most technically-advanced, environmentally-friendly, ventilation solution available today. The units are fully operation right out of the box and install in less than an hour.

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The advantages of Solar Star Attic Fans

Reduce attic heat and battle moisture by using the power of the sun. Now is the best time ever to invest in a Solar Star Attic Fan as it's never been easier to keep your attic cool with a 30% Federal Tax Credit to your credit. You can convert any type of vents in your home like Whirlybirds, Powered Vents, Gable Vents and Dormer Vents into a solar-powered vent with Sunlight Concepts' Solar Star conversion kit. Some of its benefits include; Boosting performance of existing passive vents, transforming energy consumption and loud, noisy vents into quiet solar-powered vents, choosing any sunny roof location for installation and using the power of the sun with absolutely no electrical hook-ups and costs to operate.

You can imagine the savings from installing Solar Star attic fans in your home as it reduces heat build-up and minimizes the load on your HVAC system. Some of the advantages that you can benefit from these fans are:

• Regulates temperature in the attic for comfortable living spaces

• Prolongs roof life by eliminating moisture and mold growth

• Eliminates ice build and keeps your attic ventilated

• The product comes with a robust design that adheres to High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements

• Saves on energy bills with its unique solar powered design and built-in photovoltaic power

• Quickly installs with no wiring assembly

• Leak proof flashing which is compatible for all roof types

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