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Tax Credits on Solar Star products

The summer heat is mostly built up in the attic which acts like a radiator to send out heat waves throughout the house. This results in increased utility bills and soaring temperatures making it hot, humid and absolutely difficult to live in. During colder months, heat build up in the attic also causes the snow to melt in the roof, run down and freeze at the eaves which causes destructive ice damming. There are also many houses today which are constructed with insufficient ventilation and air exchange between the outdoors and indoors. This results in high humidity that causes fungal decay, saturation of insulation and plywood delamination.

Solar Star products give you two ways to reduce your home's cost. The first one can earn you tax credits on your federal tax returns by installing any of the products from Solar Star. The other helps you lower energy usage, increase cooling efficiency this summer and save you money on electric bills.

Battle heat and moisture all year long with solar star attic fans. Heat build-up can be avoided in all areas of your home if you install an attic fan. An attic fan that runs on solar energy like the Solar Star Attic Fan vents out the humid, hot air by circulating hot air out and fresh air in. This process keeps the house cool and takes out the humidity and moisture making your indoors cool and comfortable. This Solar Star product makes additional savings by using very little electricity and only running on solar energy. There is a solar panel which is installed on the roof to absorb the sun's rays and then converts it into electricity. You can make your hot attic heat more bearable by installing a solar star attic fan. When you cool your attic with solar star attic fans, you can cool your air conditioning bills too. Some of the benefits of installing an attic fan include:

• Reduces heat build up in the attic
• Prevents ice damming
• Reduces cooling costs
• Reduces damaging condensation
• Reduces heating costs
• Protects insulation from moisture saturation
• Fights mold and decay

According to the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2009, you can benefit from 30% tax credits by installing residential photovoltaic equipment. Solar Star Attic Fans of the roof mount and conversion kits category are eligible for federal tax credits as they come under the category of photovoltaic equipment in solar energy systems. Homeowners are eligible for tax credits for qualified photovoltaic equipment that are purchased and installed between January 1st 2009 and December 31st 2016. This particular product from Solar Star is an environmentalist's delight which operates only on renewable resources for energy. It does not contribute to global warming and leaves no carbon footprints. Save on valuable fossil fuels and other energy sources by installing a Solar Star Attic Fan for your home. And of course, reap a whopping benefit of 30% in Federal Tax credits. For those who don't know the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction, the credit is totally subtracted from your tax liability unlike a tax deduction which will come off your income directly before the liability is calculated.

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2013 Residential DRTV Commercial-120

Solatube International, Inc. 2013 Residential DRTV Commercial-120 Solatube International, Inc. has launched the 2013 Residential DRTV campaign. Learn about the innovative technology in the Solatube Daylighting Systems as well as the benefits of having daylight in your home. Introduced for the first time on TV is the Solatube Smart LED system, the most energy efficient day and nighttime lighting solution ever!

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