Ventilate your home the Quiet, Cool way

One of the important points to keep in mind when designing, building or renovating a house is ventilation. Good ventilation is important for many reasons.

It keeps odors at bay
If your home does not have proper air circulation, the moisture in the air clings to the walls and furniture, and your home will have a damp and wet smell all the time. Other smells too do not get dissipated quickly.

Keeps the damp away
If the ventilation in your home is poor, the dampness in the air will cause the paint on your walls to bubble. The furniture and flooring has more chance of rotting due to mildew. Your upholstery, carpets and other furnishings also get affected by the dampness.

Keeps the air clean
Poor ventilation makes the indoor air quality of the home poor, and the chances of you and your family falling sick often are high. It could be allergies due to dust and other contaminants that have no way of getting out of the house. Dampness can give rise to asthma.

Keeps you healthy
Fresh air keeps one healthy. If you have a good circulation of air in your home, clean air is constantly wafting in. This makes your home a healthier place to live in.

Cuts your energy costs
When you have proper cross ventilation, except for the hottest months of the year, you don’t need to use your air conditioning unit. This will cut down your energy bills quite a bit.

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The Quiet Cool System from Solatube
The Quiet Cool System is a "New Generation Product," based on a years of research and study and has been around for years. It is a versatile cooling and ventilating system. The Quiet Cool fans are a multi-fan and multi-location system that moves large volumes of air (CFM) per fan.

The Quiet Cool Fans are easy to install and have insulated self-closing, damper doors that create a positive closure to prevent air from freely flowing from the house to the attic, when the fans are not in operation.

The Quiet Cool fans are attached in a hanging position from your attic rafters, away from your living area to provide tremendously quiet operation, less than 0.4 sones (a sone is a subjective unit of loudness).

A whole new system of ventilation

But how do you ensure that your home is properly ventilated? You need to make sure that you have large windows that bring clean air into the home. Having an attic fan is a great way to ensure that your home is well ventilated. Wondering how you cut costs if you are running an attic fan constantly? The answer is simple…Solar powered attic fans!

Sunlight Concepts offers you the Solar Star solar powered attic fans from Solatube. They have attic vent and roof vent fans. These fans run on the sun’s energy and so cost nothing to operate. Your energy bills will come down drastically while clean air circulates around your home. These solar powered fans come with flashing option which means they can be fixed to almost any kind of roof.

The Solar Star Conversion Kit transforms any roof vent into an eco-friendly solar-powered vent. You can easily and quickly use the power of the sun to reduce attic heat and battle moisture.

Solatube’s range of eco friendly energy efficient products

Sunlight Concepts also has a range of other green solutions from Solatube which include daylighting systems and Solar Smart LEDs. They keep up to date with the latest in the energy efficient product technology to ensure that people can make a conscious choice, and choose to make a difference to the planet and their future generations. Add to this, the fact that your energy bills reduce drastically while you get tax benefits, and you will understand why choosing a Solatube product is a great idea.

Call Sunlight Concepts today at 1-855-DAY-LITE to find out more about their range of energy efficient products. Learn more about how you can make use of natural light in your home or office. Take a look at their gallery at http://www.sunlightconcepts.com/content/show/6942 and check out their beautiful decorative fixtures that enhance the décor of every room. You can do your bit in preserving our environment and reducing your energy consumption all at once. Sunlight Concepts main office and showroom is located at 1130 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara CA 95050 and the company serves Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and San Mateo counties.

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