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Solatube brightens up your home with the Brighten Up® Series

The Solatube daylighting system stands out in the wide range of green products as one of the most efficient and advanced piece of technology invented. What makes this environmentally friendly product a beacon in its field? The technology that SolaTube uses leaves it's competitors way behind in the running. The Solatube 160 DS and 290 DS Daylighting Systems use technology never seen before to best bring daylight into your home. Some of the great features of the SolatTube daylighting system are:

• Raybender® 3000 Technology
• LightTracker™ Reflector
• Effective Daylight Capture Surface
• Spectralight® Infinity Extension Tubes

The Raybender®3000 Technology that SolaTube uses in it's daylighting systems is a patented daylight-capturing dome lens. What this dome does is, it redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture. When it is summer and the midday sunlight is overpowering, it brings down the amount of sunlight fed into the home and thereby provides consistent daylighting throughout the day.

The LightTracker™ Reflector is an innovative in-dome reflector. As the name suggests, the reflector is inside the dome, and it is especially useful in winter as it redirects low-angle winter sunlight for maximum light capture. It increases light input for greater light output and delivers unsurpassed year-round performance.

The Effective Daylight Capture Surface is created in such a way as to catch the most sunlight, depending on which side the sun is shining from. This ensures that whatever time of day, the amount of sunlight coming into your home will be as consistent as possible.

The Spectralight® Infinity Extension Tubes is excellent for long runs without sacrificing performance. They are also very flexible and so can be bent along the different curves of the house. This helps install them even in hard to reach corners like closets and attics.

Visit and to learn more about the range of energy efficient products. Call them at 1-855-DAY-LITE to schedule an appointment.

Light up your home to create the perfect atmosphere

There are a variety of lenses to adjust the type of light you want spilling into your home, and the effect that you would like to create. They are called effect lenses. Their effect lenses can be used to adjust the light and have choices to soften or warm the light color.

1. Their natural effect lens provides brilliant white natural daylight.

2. The warm effect lens enhances natural daylight by warming the light creating a color comparable to incandescent bulbs.

3. Their softening effect lens creates a subtle, softer natural lighting effect.

4. The warm softening effect lens provides a softer, glow in your home.

Useful add ons
The daylighting systems from SolaTube have various accessories that make them more efficient and effective, like the ventilation add-on kit. This consists of an integrated fan and lens design that provides an attractive look. A roof vent cap is also available to protect the system. The light add-on kit provides the convenience of a switched light for use during the night. They also have a fluorescent light add-on kit which is compact and efficient. One of the best features of this daylighting system is the daylight dimmer, which can be used to regulate the amount of light coming into the house.

Adaptable to any roof type
One of the most convenient features of the SolaTube daylighting system is that it can be easily installed to any kind of roof type. They come with flashings that protect them, without marring the look of the house. They come as a single, seamless piece to make sure that there is no leak, and to help in capturing daylight effectively on pitched roofs.

Resistant to weather conditions
The SolaTube daylighting systems are hardy and can withstand exposure to most weather conditions. The flashing turrets extensions can be used to raise the dome of the daylighting system to avoid snow, water and shade from any large obstruction. The flashing insulator is an insulating material that helps reduce the condensation that occurs during cold weather, when the air becomes muggy and humid.

What are you waiting for?

There are many more exciting features that the Solatube daylighting system comes with. You can visit and to check them out. Suffice to say that installing a daylighting system is a simple and effective way to make your home a healthy place. Sunlight Concepts has a host of other great eco friendly products from Solatube. You can see them at You can place an order at their online store. Also visit their room gallery to get a better picture of these great environmentally friendly products.

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