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Why are daylighting systems a better option than traditional skylights?

For years, people have used traditional skylights to bring natural lights into their homes. As most people are aware, natural light is a healthier option when compared to artificial lighting. This was the reason that people incorporated skylights in their homes. But there are many disadvantages to traditional skylights.

Lack of dispersion - With traditional skylights one has no control over the amount of sunlight that comes into the home. Even if the amount of light filtering in can be controlled, there is no control over the dispersion of the light. You can either have the whole room lit up by opening a skylight fully, or close it and dim the amount of light coming in. You cannot direct the light that comes in.

Increase in heat - Homes with skylights tend to have an increased level of heat, because of the amount of light that pours in. The space that the skylight is installed in is usually very hot and this pervades the entire house. Houses with skylights need more air conditioning just to beat the heat, and this means an increase in power consumption bills.

Maintenance problems - Skylights are a magnet for pollution. They are difficult to clean and difficult to maintain. They cannot withstand severe weather conditions, and protecting the home and the skylight during severe climatic conditions is problematic.

This is why people who want the healthy benefits of natural light without these problems are switching over to daylighting systems.

The advantages of daylighting systems

Control over light - Daylighting systems come with accessories that can direct light to any corner of the house, even to spaces where natural light cannot reach.

Less heat accumulation - The advanced technology of daylighting systems ensures that the heat in the house does not rise due to a particularly sunny day. The dome of the daylighting system has a light rejecter that lessens the blinding heat of the midday sun, making the house comfortable to be in.

Easy to install - Daylighting systems unlike traditional skylights are easy to install. It can be fixed in about two hours with no structural change. So, even people who were unable to incorporate a skylight in their homes due to technical reasons will be able to easily fix a daylighting system, and enjoy the health benefits of natural sunlight.

Low maintenance - Daylighting systems more or less look after themselves. They need absolutely no maintenance and they can withstand almost all kinds of weather. They have an option of a dome protector which when installed ensures that your daylighting system is completely protected.

What is a good daylighting sytem and why?

Solatube daylighting systems are way ahead in the field of daylighting with their innovative technology and well engineered products. Their daylighting systems use the Raybender technology that has a daylight capturing dome lens. This helps in redirecting low angle sunlight for maximum light capture. Their Infinity tubes bring the light indoors and can be angled to light up even hard to reach spaces. The optical technology used in the dome and the reflective quality of the tubing makes sure that these daylighting systems transmit 100% colour rendition and you will get exactly the same light inside, as you see outside, which can truly transform your rooms.

Contact Sunlight Concepts, the leading dealer for Solatube daylighting systems in the Bay Area, at 1-855-DAY-LITE to fix an appointment. They will take a look at your home and help you decide how to go about installing your daylighting system. Visit the websites at and to take a look at their daylighting systems and check out the work that they have done.

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