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Impact of Daylight on Productivity

The relationship between buildings that are lit by natural light and occupant productivity had not been rigorously documented prior to this study done in 1999 for Pacific Gas and Electric. The Daylighting and Productivity Study examined the correlation between occupant productivity and exposure to daylight within retail and school buildings. The study demonstrates increased sales (average 40% with 99% statistical certainty) and better school test performance (typically 10-20%) when occupants are exposed to daylight. (Courtesy -

As the above study observes, daylighting increases productivity by quite a large percentage. This study and various others that have been done over the last two decades have tried to find out why this is so? What is it about daylight that causes people to be more productive? This is what they have discovered.

Daylight directly impacts the internal clock of our body. This internal clock called the circadian cycle is the natural reaction of our body to the progression of night-day-night. This is what tells our body when it's time to work and when it's time to sleep. Daylight controls the levels of melatonin in our body and balances it, so that our body knows what time of the day it is. Have you ever realized how we tend to get up early, feeling bright and cheerful during summer months and want to cuddle in under the blanket more when it is winter? This is the direct result of daylight.

How does productivity increase due to daylight?

Studies done at various places like stores, factories, schools and government buildings has found that when working under the glare of artificial light, productivity is less than when a person is working under light from a natural source, the sun. This is because natural light boosts up the body's system which artificial lighting cannot. You will see the obvious difference in people who work under natural light and those that work under artificial light. People who work under artificial light have sallow, pale skin as they have been deprived of sunlight for most of the day. Those who work under natural light will look much healthier. The end result of a healthier body is increased productivity.


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Natural light reduces depression

Studies have found that there is a high incidence of depression in people working under artificial light. Your body should feel healthy and you should feel fit to have a happy mental state. When you are not exposed to natural light, day after day, it can be depressing. Depression decreases when working under natural light. Natural light, apart from the health benefits to your body, actually makes you feel more cheerful and ready to attack work with gusto.

How to introduce natural light into commercial spaces?

Solatube has the best solution to that question. Their daylighting systems use innovative technology to get natural light into spaces that don't have other ways through which natural light can be introduced. The Raybender® 3000 technologies daylighting systems ensure that 360° light capture takes place, regardless of the location of the unit on the roof. The Spectralight® Infinity tubing is a revolutionary super-reflective tubing material that transfers the light to the room below. This tubing delivers 99.7% * specular reflectivity for maximum sunlight transfer, more daylight than any other material currently can.

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