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Make your interiors bright and cheery with natural light during winter

As days get shorter and it gets dark sooner, it becomes necessary to keep the lights inside the house or commercial spaces burning longer. This causes more energy consumption and higher electricity bills. Add to it, the heating bills and it comes up to quite a large amount. Is there a way to bring down your energy consumption, bring down those astronomical power bills and be energy efficient at the same time? Yes, there is!! It’s called daylighting systems!

Daylighting systems have brought about a revolution in the field of lighting. As people get more environment conscious, they have started looking for ways to leave less of a carbon footprint on Earth. One of the ways that people are going green is by installing daylighting systems.

The advantage of daylighting systems

Daylighting systems use advanced technology to capture the maximum light from the sun and deliver it into your home. The well designed reflective dome helps catch the rays of the sun from whichever direction it is coming from. So, the amount of light that comes into your home remains consistent and constant.

The tubing that is used by the best daylighting system products ensure that very little light is lost, while it passes through from the light capturing device on the roof, to when it reaches the interior of your residential or commercial space. An added advantage of this tubing is that it comes in different sizes. This makes it easy to fix it in long stretches, or in shorter bits, which allow it to reach even the most awkwardly angled spaces.

Since the daylighting systems use the sun’s energy, these are completely environmentally friendly products. This also means that they will not consume power and hence your energy bills will reduce. Daylighting systems ensure that healthy, natural light is being used to light up the interiors. Natural sunlight is good for health as it provides us with an adequate amount of Vitamin D which is necessary for our bodies. It is also a great mood booster and actually helps us be more productive.

The most popular daylighting systems

Solatube daylighting systems are far ahead in the field of daylighting, as their products use advanced technology that are constantly being upgraded to ensure that you get the best performance from their products. Their daylighting systems are easy to install and can be fixed on any kind of roof. They are constantly coming out with new accessories and add-ons to make your daylighting system a smart product.

They can be installed with the minimum of fuss and hardly need any maintenance. Do-it-youselfers can install these systems themselves, otherwise experienced technicians can have it installed in your home in about two hours. There is no necessity to break or change the structure of your home in any way to install these systems.

The trusted dealers for Solatube products

Sunlight Concepts are the most popular dealers of Solatube daylighting products in the Bay Area. Their technicians have years of experience in installing daylighting systems. Sunlight Concepts also stock gorgeous decorative fixtures, made by Solatube that can add to the décor of the house.

This Solatube showroom offers you "The Gift of Glass". Glass Distractions, their range of decorative fixtures for daylighting systems would make a thoughtful Christmas gift for a family member or friend.


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