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Make a difference with Solatube

Installing green products in your commercial or residential spaces is a wise choice. By doing so, you are making a difference to the planet. The benefits brought by eco- friendly products are many and varied. Solatube has been one of the leaders in the development of environmentally friendly products for both commercial and residential use.

The Brighten Up Series

This daylighting system is one of Solatube's innovative, breakthrough products that has changed the face of lighting. It uses advanced optical technologies to bring in as much natural light into the interiors of your space. Through in-depth research and development they have invented a patented rooftop dome that uses Raybender technology, which harvests natural light from sunup to sundown. This means that your daylighting system is constantly working to gather and absorb as much of the sunlight as possible, all day through.

They have developed the world's most reflective tubing. Their infinity tubing lives up to its name. It can be maneuvered into impossible angles to bring natural light into the darkest recesses of your building. They are especially useful in corridors, attics, closets and other places where it is impossible for natural sunlight to reach.

The specially designed lenses evenly disperse the absorbed daylight throughout the space. These daylighting systems come with a variety of accessories that make them easy to use and suitable for all enclosed spaces. With the dimmer switch, you can control the amount of light that is filtered into your home. They have add-on kits with which natural light can be piped into more than one space.

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Solatube Smart LEDs

The energy-efficient Solatube Smart LED System has become a popular choice in both residential and commercial spaces due its usefulness and flexibility. It unites advanced Light Energy Diode (LED) technology with proven Solatube daylighting design. It is used in tandem with the daylighting system, but with a difference. Your daylighting system brings in the natural light into the interior. The SunSense Technology that these Smart LEDs use monitors the daylight levels in the system. If the amount of sunlight coming in, decrease, the LEDs get triggered automatically, to continue lighting up your space efficiently. This sustainable lighting option is the most energy-efficient commercial lighting solution for small to medium-sized spaces.

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Quiet Cool solar-powered attic fans

Solatube's attic vent fans and roof vent fans are the best way to beat the heat. They keep your indoor spaces ventilated all the time, without costing anything. They can be installed in the attic, or any other ideal space, and they provide ventilation for the entire space. They come with a variety of flashing options which means that these attic vent fans can be fitted to almost any roof. They are called the Quiet cool fans as they do not make the usual racket that exhaust fans do. They are low maintenance and the perfect way to keep your home cool in summer and ventilated in winter.

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Decorative fixtures

If you think installing daylighting systems would mar the look of your interiors, think again. With Solatube's line of decorative fixtures, your interiors will look amazing. They have fixtures from, elegant, to classic, to trendy. So whatever interior decor that you are implementing, Solatube has decorative fixtures to complement the look of the room.

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Make your space eco-friendly with the help of Solatube's incredible green products. Sunlight Concepts is the dealer for Solatube products in the Bay Area. Check out their websites at and You can call them at (408) 844-0081to make an appointment with their technicians.

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