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Making your Commercial Space Eco-Friendly

The state of the country's economy is pushing the budgets of many companies. In spite of that, companies are making environmentally friendly options, and putting sustainability high on their list of priorities. Most companies have already implemented changes like recycling, car pooling and decreasing the use of paper. Some have gone a step further and have made their buildings environmentally friendly. There are a few ways in which companies can integrate eco-friendly choices in their commercial spaces. Here are a few top ways that you can make your commercial building green.
  • Use biodegradable materials
    Most of the building materials available now are bio degradable. This means that not only do the materials not affect the atmosphere, but when and if the building needs to be renovated or rebuilt, the materials will not pollute our planet. Using eco-friendly materials reduce the effects of any pollution to the air, or to the people who work in the building. It also increases the resale value of the building.

  • Use plants inside and outside the building
    Plants as most people are aware take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The more plants there are, the cleaner is the air we breathe. This holds true for commercial buildings too. Having plants inside the building cools down the area and provides a healthy environment.

  • Natural light
    Companies have discovered that worker productivity and worker health increases when working under natural light as opposed to artificial light. Many commercial builders incorporate ways of bringing natural light into the building. One of the most popular ways of doing this to an ongoing construction, or to an existing building, is by installing daylighting systems. Daylightng systems are easy to install even in existing buildings, as there is no need for structural change when installing the systems. They can be installed, in as quick as two hours, by a trained technician without any damage to your walls or roof. The best part of daylightng systems is that unlike windows and skylights, light can be directed to the space that you want it to go to. There is more control over the amount of light that comes in. Daylighting reduces the need for electric lighting and creates a more calm and productive environment because it connects people to the outdoors.
What are the features of a good daylighting system?

A good daylighting system should have an effective reflector dome, a good tubing system and an efficient system to harness enough light and send it indoors.

Which is the most popular daylighting system?

Solatube® Brighten Up® Series Daylighting Systems are the cost-effective way to bring natural light to almost any room of your home. Solatube Daylighting Systems use breakthrough technology to achieve amazing performance results. Solatube Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun's rays and pipe them into your home. The result is brighter, more colorful rooms that cost nothing to light. And because installation can usually be done in about two hours with no structural changes, it's the fastest and simplest solution to a more beautiful home.

Where can one get a Solatube daylighting system in the Bay Area?

Sunlight Concepts is the leading dealer for Solatube products in the Bay Area. Apart from the daylighting systems, they also stock other Solatube green products like solar-powered attic fans, Smart LEDs and decorative fixtures. Visit or to check out their eco-friendly products. You can call them at 1-855-DAY-LITE to fix an appointment.

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