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Solatube’s Solar Star attic fans

Is your energy consumption high? You will hear the same lament anywhere you go. The rising cost of energy is appalling. How does one deal with this problem?

Here are some tips:
  • Insulate your home - By insulating your home you can make sure that the heat stays in during winter and the interior is cooler in summer.

  • Greenery - If you have a big enough front and back yard, plant trees. The shade provided by trees will bring down the temperature of your home by several degrees.

  • Drapery - Use dark-colored, heavy drapes for your windows. This will cool the interior.

  • Lighting - Artificial lights increase the heat inside a home. Switch to natural lighting, by installing daylighting systems.

  • Ventilation - A well ventilated home stays cooler. Ventilation is a simple solution to keeping your home cool. Check out Solatube’s solar-powered attic fans.

What are the advantages of ventilation?

  • Cools down the house - As mentioned earlier, ventilation brings down the temperature of the interior of your home.

  • Recycles air - When you are insulating your house to keep it cool, you are effectively ensuring that the stale air stays trapped in. With a ventilation fan, the air in the house is constantly being recycled, taking stale air out and bringing fresh air in.

  • Decreases indoor pollution - Studies have shown that these days, with completely insulated homes, the indoor air pollution is almost as bad as the air pollution outside. With the circulation of air using ventilation systems, the air inside the house stays clean and free of contaminants.

  • Healthier atmosphere - By recycling air, all the contaminants are swept out, making the interior free of allergens and reducing the risk of asthma and bronchial problems.
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What kind of ventilation is suitable for homes?

An easy to use, quick to install ventilation unit are attic fans. They can be fitted into the attic or the roof crawl space, and they are easy to install. The technicians who install the attic fan will be in and out of your house in no time at all, with the least bit of inconvenience to you and your family.

Solar powered attic fans are the ideal solution, as they do not consume any power, and you have your home ventilated day and night without having to pay for it. Since your home is ventilated the need for other HVAC units decreases, bringing down your energy bill.

Check out one of the most popular solar-powered attic fans.

The best solar-powered attic fans

Solatube’s Solar Star, solar powered attic fans are the most popular ventilation units in the market. Solatube has spent years on R&D and have invented technology to make sure that their green products are of the best quality. Their environmentally friendly products help their customers by reducing their energy consumption, and help the planet by reducing carbon footprint.

Where can you buy Solatube’s solar powered attic fans?

Sunlight Concepts is the most popular dealer for Solaube products in the Bay Area. They have their showroom at 1130, Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050, where you can take a look at their solar-powered attic fans as well as all their other great environmentally friendly products. Check out their other green products at and You can request a quote or call (408) 844-0081 or 1-855-DAY-LITE (Toll Free) to fix an appointment with one of their friendly staff.

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