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Meet the game changer from Solatube - The SolaMaster Series

Solatube adds a great, new product to their range of green products. Their innovative SolaMaster Series is a line of tubular daylighting devices. These remarkable inventions capture the natural light that shines on to the roof and brings it into the interior of commercial and large residential spaces, even bathing spaces that are difficult to light with healthy natural daylight. The R&D team at Solatube has worked ceaselessly to make new green products that will help in reducing our carbon footprint.

The Solamaster Series have advanced optical technology which help deliver predictable levels of light. Commercial spaces that were too large to make use of the previously existing daylighting systems can now get into the eco-friendly arena, and make their commercial spaces state of the art and environmentally friendly by installing the SolaMaster Series in their buildings. These daylighting systems are ideal for spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 8 ft. to 20 ft.

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Blending in beautifully with your space

There are certain concerns that many consumers have when considering daylighting systems for commercial spaces. In companies and factories where complicated, intricate work is being done, the need for good lighting is of paramount importance. So, the question that the owners of these companies have, is will the sunlight pouring into the commercial spaces stay consistent throughout the day?

Yes, daylighting systems have many benefits, but it does pose some challenges. The sun is ever-changing, the light patterns are constantly shifting, the heat varies throughout the day and one cannot predict the amount of glare you get from the sun. But, Solatube, in anticipation of these problems has taken the challenge and developed an incredible product that meets both architectural and environmental goals, while at the same time delivering predictable light output and design flexibility.

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Features of the Solamaster Series

Some of the amazing features of the SolaMaster Series are optical controllability, superior transmission, extraordinary adaptability, performance predictability and affordable sustainability, engineered reliability, effortless attainability and occupant productivity.

These terms may be too technical for the layman, but what it means is that the features of the SolaMaster Series include more control over the optical technology than ever before and that the light being delivered into your home will stay consistent. The commercial SolaMaster Series is also adaptable to almost all kinds of buildings and can be fitted with the minimum of fuss. Your workers can continue with their work undisturbed as the daylighting system is being installed. It can be installed in all types of buildings, old or new.

Businesses, clients and customers are very environmentally aware now and a green building is sure to impress them. Their first impression of your company will be favorable. One of the biggest benefits of commercial daylighting is the enormous energy consumption cut that you will see. Almost all commercial places are lit up continuously through the day. Imagine if the light used for lighting the premises is natural and free.

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Increased productivity

Studies show that people in general work better in natural light than under artificial lighting. Research has shown a significant increase in worker productivity in places that are lit by natural light. Increased productivity in turn leads to increase in work and an increase in profits.

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