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The Solatube way to keep cool this summer

Summer is upon us and the temperature is rising. People are finding ways to keep cool with air conditioners and other cooling systems, but the impending energy bill is enough to depress anybody. You can keep cool this summer and make sure that your energy bills don’t go through the roof by going the Solatube way.

The different products that Solatube offers to keep cool

Solar Powered Attic Fans

Ventilating your home during summer is important, and the Solar Star solar powered attic fans are the perfect way to ventilate your home. To keep the interiors cool for a longer time, the house has to be well insulated. This means that stale air doesn’t get a chance go out. By installing attic fans, you can keep the entire house ventilated. Even though the house is well insulated to keep it cool longer, the attic fans make sure that your indoor air quality is good and you are breathing fresh air. Take a look at the Solar Star range of solar powered attic fans at

Daylighting Systems

Artificial lighting increases the temperature inside the house. But when the house is completely insulated, you may often find it necessary to leave the lights on the entire day. If you install a daylighting system, healthy, natural light is brought into the house through Solatube’s infinity tubes.

The daylighting system comes with a dimmer with which you can regulate the amount of light coming into the house. So, on extremely bright days if there is too much light coming into the house, you can use the dimmer to bring down the amount of light that pours into your rooms. The Solatube daylighting systems also come with a range of diffusers like the OptiView® Diffuser which delivers the cleanest, purest natural daylight imaginable. Their Prismatic Diffuser is ideal for replicating the look and style of traditional troffers, and blends into virtually any design to provide a bright, broad diffusion of natural light while the Frosted Diffuser offers a unique appearance on the ceiling with crystalline highlights as the sun moves. The lens is soft with even amounts of light and has a glimpse of ever changing sparkles for highly-effective diffusion.

You can take a look at the daylighting systems at The daylighting system can be installed by our certified technicians in a couple of hours.

Commercial Solamaster

It is not just homes that can benefit from Solatube products. Understanding that the daylighting systems for homes may not be enough for large commercial spaces, Solatube has come out with the new Commercial Solamaster that can light up commercial spaces with efficiency. These Daylighting Systems feature the largest aperture tubing and patented LightTracker reflector for effective daylight harvesting. The special Infinity tubing in these systems makes it possible to bring natural light deep into buildings where natural light has rarely been an option. By lighting up your commercial spaces with daylighting sytems, the savings that you will make in energy consumption is considerable. Check out the Commercial Solamaster at

Sunlight Concepts, your local dealer for Solatube Products in the Bay Area

Sunlight Concepts stocks all of Solatube’s green products and their technicians are certified to install any of these eco friendly products. They will install the units in your home with the minimum of fuss and with no inconvenience to you or your family. Take a look at their websites at and Check out the Solatube products at our showroom at. Call 408-844-0081 or 1-855-DAY-LITE or request a quote.

Be cool and energy efficient this summer with Solatube!

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