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Make your life healthy in every way

We live in a world that is slowly disintegrating. People have finally started sitting up and taking notice. But is it too little too late? Does that mean that you should just go with flow and continue wrecking our planet? Even if it is one small change, it will make a difference. The world was not created in a day. With baby steps, maybe we can make the world a better place to leave for our future generations.

Make small changes that will keep you and your family healthier. With Solatube’s excellent green products you will be making a huge difference in your own lifestyle, health wise as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Some tips to make your life healthier

Eat better and have a healthy exercise routine
Junk food, canned food and ready to heat food are all great. They taste nice, they’re easy to make and they take very little time to prepare. But have you ever checked how healthy they are? They are very unhealthy! Eat fresh food and exercise regularly to keep your body healthy.

Lessen exposure to pollution
Many of us commute to work and do our daily errands on public transport. It is very difficult to avoid pollution in that case. But if you have a car, keep your windows up to reduce the amount of pollution you are exposed to. For your part get a hybrid car so that you won’t be adding to the pollution.

Indoor air pollution
Do you know that some surveys have found that the air pollution inside the home is sometimes worse than the air pollution outside? What can you do to make the indoor air better and less polluted? Ventilation is a great way to keep the air circulating inside the house and bring down indoor air pollution. Attic fans are a great way to circulate indoor air. The ventilation not only brings down the pollution inside the house by sending out stale air and bringing in fresh air.

Solatube has solar-powered attic fans that not only keep your interiors ventilated, but also brings down your energy consumption as it works with the help of solar power. Check out Solatube’s Solar Star, solar-powered attic fans at

Exposure to sunlight

The natural rays of the sun are proven to be beneficial to your body. The body requires vitamins that the sun’s rays provides. Insulated homes, insulated offices and insulated transport bring down the exposure to the sun’s rays. A great way to get around that is to install daylighting systems. Daylighting systems use advanced technology invented by Solatube to bring the sun’s rays into the house. You can check them out at

The daylighting system works very simply but effectively. A small tubular device is attached to the roof. Special tubing attaches this device to the vents inside the house and which transports the light inside. You will not need to make any major structural changes to your home. Solatube has beautiful decorative fixtures that enhance the look of your home. These fixtures take the sun’s rays from the tubing and spread it inside the home. There are different types of decorative fixtures which will complement any kind of decor that you have in the house. You can check out our great decorative fixtures at

Finding a good Solatube dealer in the Bay Area

Sunlight Concepts are the most popular dealers for Solatube eco-friendly products in the Bay Area. Visit their websites at and . Call 1-855-DAY-LITE to contact their staff. Or you can leave a request at and one of our staff will get back to you.

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